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Perfume and the technique of perfuming have been around for thousands of years. On the island of Cyprus, the earliest true "factory" dedicated to the manufacture of fragrant oils goes back 4000 years. In the nineteenth century, synthetic aroma molecules known as aldehydes were discovered, and the fragrance business evolved into what it is today - a vast array of different sorts of perfume and diversified aromas, not simply for royalty and aristocracy as it had been in the past. Every year, around 1000 new perfumes with varying perfume intensities are released.

There are many types of perfume available in the market, you can buy perfume online whichever you want but the question is which perfume is great.聽

Perfumery is divided into sections based on the type of scent. You've undoubtedly come across phrases like Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne while shopping for perfume. These phrases really relate to concentration and the density, which is the quantity of pure perfume oil contained in a scent. In general, the stronger the perfume concentration, the longer the scent lasts on the skin and the higher the price point.


Parfum, also known as Pure Perfume or Extrait de Parfum, is the most significant form of perfume and has the maximum aroma concentration. Parfum fragrances range from 20% to 40% concentration. Parfum fetches the greatest price and perfume strength (save for pure perfume oils) because of the presence of high concentration of fragrance oil, which means it lasts the longest on the skin while providing the user with a full spectrum of Top, Heart, and Base Notes that are released over time. A Parfum should last at least 8 hours and preferably much longer.

Eau De Perfum

Eau de Parufm (EDP) is among the most popular perfume and scent categories, with a perfume concentration of around 15% and a longevity of about six hours. Because the perfume strength is slightly lower, it is often less costly than Parfum intensity perfumes. While Parfum has the whole combination of Top, Heart, and Base Notes, Eau de Parfum focuses on the Heart Notes since the Top Notes evaporate faster from the skin.

Eau De Toilette

Many Eau de Parfum perfumes are also available in Eau de Toilette (EDT), which is a less costly version of the same aroma. As you may expect, this sort of perfume has less scent concentration and won't last as long. An Eau de Toilette scent typically has a perfume concentration of 5% to 10% and lasts around five hours. Top Notes, or the initial aroma emitted by a perfume, are more strong, making it refreshing when first applied; this is why EDT scents are especially popular in the summer.

Eau De Cologne

Eau de Cologne (EDC) is one of the most common varieties of perfume with the lowest concentration, with a 3 percent to 5 percent concentration, which means it has a very high alcohol content compared to scent and would normally only last approximately two hours. Eau de Cologne is the least priced of the scent varieties listed above and is often found in larger quantities, such as conventional splash style bottles.

Eau Fraiche, Aftershave & Mist

Eau fraiche has a relatively low perfume oil content compared to other forms of perfume, ranging from 1% to 3%, yet it lasts up to two hours, equivalent to Eau de Cologne. The fundamental distinction between Eau Fraiche and Eau de Cologne is the low level of alcohol, as Eau Fraiche often has a low scent concentration and a high water content.

An aftershave has a high alcohol level and a modest aroma concentration of up to 3%. It is commonly sold in splash bottles and is used after shaving to help shut the pores, however it only lasts one to two hours.

Mists are light and pleasant perfumes that are largely water-based and contain little alcohol. Mist fragrances typically have a concentration of 1.5 to 3 percent. Because of the low alcohol concentration, it may also be used on the hair without drying it out. A Mist scent should persist for at least 2 hours.

Eau de Parfum vs. Eau de Toilette: What's the Difference?

Eau de toilettes and eau de parfums are not interchangeable. "Eau de toilette is often lighter and fresher, but Eau de parfum is richer and lasts longer. The Eau de toilette may be more pleasant and acceptable for daytime or business wear, whilst the Eau de parfum provides greater depth, which may be preferable for evening wear."

Before picking one over the other, you should consider the temperature and time of year. "A crisp Eau de toilette may be desirable in humid and hot climes, but an Eau de parfum may give more warmth and depth in cooler weather."

Perfume Vs. Deodorant

Deodorant is solely applied to the body to cover scents created by perspiration and microorganisms. Perfume may be applied to the body and to clothing, producing pleasant fragrances that are appealing to the wearer. As a result, deodorant is used to prevent odor, but perfume is meant to introduce fresh fragrances to be appreciated.

Perfume is a blend of aromatic essential oils and an alcohol base. The strength of the oils rises in proportion to the type of scent created. Deodorant comprises chemicals that fight germs in perspiration and a trace of essential oils or scents. Perfumes are available in spray mists and perfume bottles, whilst deodorants come in sprays, roll on, and stick applicators.


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